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FOR scale at speed LIVE!  

February 11-13, 2024
nashville, tn

An exclusive LIVE event where you’ll learn how to DOUBLE your agency revenue via Acquisitions …and 3X Your Agency Exit Value! 

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scale at speed LIVE! 

Tap into the minds of the most successful $1M-$20M digital agency owners, industry experts, and 10+ world-class speakers - all gathered in the same room!

Join our Leaders (Tom Shipley, Peter Lang) who have built over 10 agencies multiple exits, acquired over 20 businesses, scaled $100m business, and sold over $1bn online. Together, they are sharing their playbooks for scaling through acquisitions PLUS their network built over decades.
Gain Exclusive Insights Into Their Exact Strategies To Scale Their Businesses To $10M, $20M, $50M, And Beyond.

What Is scale at speed LIVE?

From the desk of: Tom Shipley

Dear Agency Owner,

If you’re on this page, then you have likely built your digital agency from the ground up with your own two hands…

You’ve put in the long days (and many late nights…)

You’ve done the WORK, and created an amazing agency that helps your customers in your own unique way.

You’ve had tremendous success, and even built a strong TEAM…

You’ve come a LONG WAY from where your agency first started, which is amazing!

And yet, despite being THRILLED with your multi-million dollar success...

chances are, you are starting to ask yourself…

Where do I go from HERE?”
​"How am I supposed to scale my agency beyond the current rate of growth ?"
​"I thought this would be easier…”
​"​How can I GROW faster when me and my team I already feel so MAXED out and tired"
And most importantly, 
​"Can I just MULTIPLY my agency revenue…WITHOUT having to multiply all of my work?”
(Yes. Yes you can.)

If any of those sound like you, then you need to be at Deal Boardroom!

This is the ONLY event that teaches agencies over $1m in revenue how to break through critical growth barriers, scale their agency and maximize their exit value through acquisitions.

See, it took a very specific set of SKILLS to build and launch your digital agency, and make it profitable…

It took another set of skills as you started to grow your business to your first $1M in revenue…

Scaling your agency to $5M, $10M, $20M, $50M and beyond
requires a completely DIFFERENT skill…

Working harder and longer won’t get you there…

You’ve ridden the workhorse train long enough…

At some point (usually after you reach your first couple million dollars as an agency), your agency WILL reach a pivotal “Threshold”.

And you’ll realize,

You need to stop trying to scale by WORKING MORE…

And you’ll learn to scale through ACQUIRING MORE instead.  
That’s the SKILL that has the power to take your digital agency from the $1M-$20M where it is at right now…

…to DOUBLING Your Revenue + 3X Your Agency Exit Value!

It’s all about mergers and acquisitions (M&A)…

THAT’s exactly what our world-class Merger and Acquisition speakers are going to teach you in detail over three content-PACKED days…

So buckle up, and get ready to ‘scale with speed’!

During This LIVE Event…

You will learn how to: 

  • SCALE your digital agency
  • ​BUY other agencies
  • ​And, SELL your agency for the maximum possible value. 
We'll share our blueprint for success and help you overcome the feast and famine cycle. We’ll also share how to build a highly motivated succession team, how to get leadership out of the weeds, and how to scale fast!

This is an exclusive opportunity for smart, highly ambitious agency owners committed to scaling their business. If you have an eye on exiting in the next 1-5 years, then don't miss your chance to learn from the best in the industry at this unique event.


Keynote Speaker:


Eddie Maalouf

Eddie Maalouf is the Founder & CEO of BAD Marketing, a rapidly growing E-commerce & Info Product marketing agency in the USA, managing over $1 billion in revenue annually. With a team of 150+ marketers, he has assembled some of the industry's brightest minds.

Eddie's expertise has benefited over 100 8-figure brands, propelling them to new levels of profitability. He also mentors young agency owners, sharing his successful strategies. Eddie lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and business partner, Terry, and their daughter, Milana.

Tom Shipley

Tom has over 20 years of experience launching and scaling brands and omni-digital, multi-brand platforms. His brands have sold over $2 billion through D2C marketing, Amazon, and retailers, including Costco, Ulta, CVS, Nordstrom, HSN, and more. Tom Shipley has acquired and sold over a dozen businesses. After raising $100m to launch Foundry Brands, an Amazon and Ecommerce brand aggregator, Tom partners with Peter Lang and Felix Velarde to launch Agency Ventures Aggregator to reimagine agency M&A.

Peter Lang

Peter is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and philanthropist. He has more than 11 years of experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies in online publishing, media, advertising, e-commerce, training, and consulting. Peter is the creator of the leading agency M&A training program, “DAB.”

Valori Booth

Valori is a former NASA astronaut trainer specializing in instructional design and learning methodology. She has a passion for connecting entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors to guide them through the leadership and scaling journey. Valori has helped build two of Tom’s startups as Chief of Staff and now leads Deal Boardroom as the Managing Director.

Ayelet Shipley

Ayelet Shipley is a former therapist and is now the M&A Director at AVA, leading business development at Deal Boardroom. Her background in psychology and understanding human behavior created her passion for sales and business development. After starting her sales consulting agency, she fell in love with the transaction side of agency life, creating the foundation for M&A.

Matthew Kruchko

Over a 25-year career, Matthew has progressed from owning and leading brand and marketing agencies for 20 years to serving as a CEO and EVP of Global Strategy and Marketing for a publicly traded company. His expertise, honed in Silicon Valley's challenging environment, combines strategic growth initiatives with a disciplined, collaborative approach to sales, marketing, brand, and operations.

Robyn Siers

Robyn Siers is a Partner at Jones & Spross LLP with over two decades of experience in roll-up M&A and private equity transactions. She previously worked at Cooley, LLP, where she played a key role in launching Cooley's Los Angeles office, which has consistently ranked as a top-tier law firm for startups and emerging growth companies, according to Above the Law and US News & World Reports.

Robyn is a valuable cross-functional contributor to the executive team, contributing to talent management and global M&A strategy. She is also a Global Women's Advocate and is listed on the EBW100: Global 2000 List. Additionally, she was a founding team member of, which was later acquired by Marsh & McClennan (Trilogy).

What You Can Expect At

scale at speed LIVE…

Travel & Registration Day
Monday is the kickoff of the Deal Boardroom LIVE event!

This day is used for travel, getting settled at your hotel, and registering for the event. Do NOT make the mistake of arriving in the evening, or you’ll miss out on some incredible pre-event plans we have for you!   


Be sure to ARRIVE in Chicago by mid-day to give you plenty of time to register for the event!

*Registration times and details will be sent to you via email once your ticket is reserved.

Welcome Cocktail Party

Join us Sunday evening for a Welcome Cocktail Party! You’ll get the chance to meet the Deal Boardroom Leadership team, industry experts we invite, and other agency owners looking to scale their businesses through acquisitions. Your next deal could easily be in the room! 

VIP Dinner - To be announced

M&A Blueprint
Here’s just some of the M&A blueprint topics that we’ll be diving deep on during Day 1 in the Main Hall Sessions:  

Building Your Merger & Acquisition Team

What you’ll learn → 

Get an overview of M&A process, and understand the first steps to acquiring an agency and expanding your team, so you can grow your business rapidly.

Ideal Agency Targets 

What you’ll learn → 

How to identify your acquisition objectives and define your ideal investment and acquisition target.

Finding Agency Deals the Right Way

What you’ll learn → 

How to source deals professionally and at scale

Finding Motivated Owners Who Want To SELL Their Agency

What you’ll learn → 

You’ll be able to identify who are the truly motivated sellers, and learn situations that create motivated sellers.

Knowing What to Say + Ask Agency Owners

What you’ll learn → 

How to communicate with your acquisition prospects.

Legal, Analytical, & Financial

What you’ll learn → 

How to connect the key ingredients to create a deal that connects the owner’s motivation and company performance.
Later that evening…

VIP Experience

To be announced...

Deal Making & Acquisition
Day 2 builds on everything we covered in Day 1…we’ll dive into making, negotiating, and closing deals…and what needs to happen after the acquisition has been made.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve got planned for you in the Main Hall Sessions:

Agency Valuation & Deal Structures

What you’ll learn → 

Valuation, at its core, is SIMPLE! Learn how to see the few key drivers and how to value them correctly.

Confidentiality, Negotiation, & Closing

What you’ll learn → 

Get specific use cases, and examples around deal structures and financial considerations.

Agency Integration Masterclass

What you’ll learn → 

How to structure a successful integration plan post-close.

Agency Leadership Issues

What you’ll learn → 

One of the toughest challenges is articulating the promise of the merged corporation and leading employees, clients, and investors to fulfill it. Learn how to approach this critical topic.

Integration of People

What you’ll learn → 

Effective change management is key in integrations. You’ll know how to integrate with confidence.

Securing Funding For Your Acquisition

What you’ll learn → 

Understand the different funding options that are available for those looking to acquire an agency, the differences among them, so you can identify which funding option best fits your agency’s needs.
Later that evening…
Join us for a Private Group Dinner!

Details to be announced.

What Past Attendees Have To Say...

Eddie Maalouf

CEO, BAD Marketing

Josh Snow

Founder Snow Teeth Whitening & Dealflow Brokerage

Caroline Castille

CEO Clickable Impact

Camilo Parra

CEO, Brain Power

Brooke Wright

Partner, Local Industries

Jeff Hahn

Principal, Hahn Marketing

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Winden Rowe

Co-Founder, Build Your Practice

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Managing Director, Asian Efficiency

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CEO, Searchific

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the event dates?

February 11-13, 2024

Where is the event located?

In Nashville, Tennessee. The exact venue will be announced soon.

Is there a group rate for the hotel? 

Yes. The link to book the hotel will be sent once you register.

Do you offer cancellations/refunds?

If you cannot attend the event, we will put your ticket toward our next event. 

Can I buy multiple tickets, and bring my team?

Absolutely. We recommend partners or senior team members.

Can my spouse or children attend? 

Your spouse is more than welcome to come to the event (just don’t forget to buy the extra ticket). The event is not appropriate for young children.

What will the event schedule be?

Please see the schedule on the website above for the exact schedule. 

Can you make special accommodations for those with physical limitations?

Yes, please contact for special accommodations

I’m a Deal Boardroom Member - do I get any special benefits? 

Deal Boardroom Members have access to all of the VIP benefits (VIP lounge, VIP Dinner, VIP Activity, and exclusive VIP sessions).

Can I sponsor this event?

Absolutely. Please contact for sponsorship opportunities.

What type of agencies qualify for this event?

Deal Boardroom's specialization is with agencies between $1.2- $20 million in revenue. The team’s expertise spans across all agencies. From PR to SEO to Full Service agencies, the team has owned, scaled, and sold dozens across all digital agency types and this event will apply to all agency types. 

Are meals included in this event?

During the event days, we will always cater breakfast and lunch. We also host a cocktail reception the night before the first day of the event as well as a dinner one of the event nights. 

Where to stay?

We are providing a discounted link for registrants.

What happens if I buy a ticket and cannot attend the event?

If something happens after you've purchased a ticket and you cannot attend the event, please contact and we will ensure that you can attend the next event in lieu of attending the one you are registered for.

Is there anyone I can speak to to ensure I am a fit to attend the event?

Yes, please schedule a call with our team here.
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